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What is this course about?

In this course, we will teach you the comprehensive skills needed to be a Financial Analyst

It is a very comprehensive course that will teach you the complete skills of a Financial Analyst.


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Ashish is a Business and Finance Expert with around 10 years of experience in this domain. He is currently a full-time instructor teaching Business, Finance and Data Analysis courses. Previously, he has worked with BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, as a Vice President in the Financial Markets Advisory (FMA) team. Prior to that, he worked with the Strategy and Corporate Finance practice at McKinsey, the world’s most prestigious consulting company. He has advised clients globally on various Strategy and Finance engagements.



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If you are looking to be a Financial Analyst, then this course will prepare you for the job.

Look, the Financial Analyst jobs are high paying ones. 

So your employer will want you to be on ready to work on a real project on Day 1!

Our course does exactly that - we make you job ready for your professional work.

The course provides all the practical training of a Financial Analyst.

You can crack your upcoming interviews easily with the learning from this course.

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Undertake data analysis and manipulation in Excel

Make flexible and dynamic financial models

Create data visualization charts in Excel

Prepare the accounting statements of any company

Create income statement, balance sheet and cash flows statement from scratch

Perform ratio analysis on company financials

Compare the performance of different companies using a framework

Create a forward looking integrated financial model

Extrapolate and forecast forward looking financial ratios

Apply the Discounted Cash Flows valuation technique on a real company

Apply the Multiples valuation technique on a real company

Use PowerPoint for creating business presentations

basic - intermediate - advanced

We will illustrate the following broad content topics in great detail in this course:

1) Excel

2) Accounting

3) Financial statement analysis

4) Forecasting financial statements

5) Business valuation

6) PowerPoint


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Classic - Experiential - Business Simulation
  • Current Financial Analysts
  • Aspiring Financial Analysts
  • Start-up founders
  • Consultants
  • Non finance professionals